Creating work environments where everyone is at their best

We believe a work culture that supports everyone creates true business prosperity.

“The greatest wealth is health.”


Success is not a Result;
It is a Process

The health of an organization is more than just the bottom line. As a collection of individuals, the health of an organization is dependent on the welfare of each of those individuals.

By creating long lasting relationships with businesses and their employees, Bloom Culture Solutions provides the education and benefits employees need to ensure their physical and financial wellbeing.

A positive culture provides more than just a nice place to work. It cultivates a highly efficient and loyal workforce that takes pride in the overall success of the company.

Create a Healthy Culture Before It Gets Sick

Traditional Employee Benefits

An employee’s financial health depends on more than just their paycheck; it depends on their ability to financially withstand emergencies, support their families, and secure their futures. Offering the benefits and education that contribute to employees’ financial stability improves employee loyalty, reduces turnover, and improves workforce productivity by removing the distraction caused by financial concerns.

Bloom Culture Solutions has access to some of the most sought-after employer benefit offerings such as:

  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Health Coaching
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • College Savings Plan
  • Key Man Plan
  • Retirement Planning Education


Corporate Wellness Programs

Bloom Culture Solutions maintains partnerships with multiple nutritional and exercise experts who provide employee education programs that encourage reaching and sustaining optimal physical health. While focused on the individual, these programs improve the success of the business as healthy employees tend to have better attendance, improved productivity, and lower insurance rates.



California requires most employers to offer a minimum number of benefits to their work force. Employees that do not know how to make the best use of them is a waste of the value (and cost) of those benefits.

Bloom Culture Solutions provides employer and employee training and ongoing support for the programs they offer.

Where Health and Wealth Align

Program Phase 1

The Bloom Culture Solutions introductory program focuses on education. Over three lunch-and-learn workshops we provide the basic information necessary for creating a financially and physically healthy workforce, the key to a positive and supportive culture.


1-hour workshop, Lunch provided

This workshop focuses on making the most of the current benefits package with two key points in mind:

  1. What it really takes for a financially secure retirement.

Financial security is more than just continuing to enjoy a lifestyle, it is also being prepared to deal with unexpected events that can threaten that lifestyle. 

  1. How to create that financial security. 

Providing employees with the information they need to maximize the growth of their savings while reducing their tax liability gives them the peace of mind necessary for a blooming corporate culture.



1-hour workshop, Lunch provided

This workshop explains how the food we eat impacts our energy throughout the day.

Lunch will include a tasting of various foods that fuel energy. The session focuses on explaining how and which foods can energize or drain a person. A significant portion of the time is for answering specific questions so that everyone feels that they can easily begin a more energizing eating program.

Participants walk away with a folder containing:

  • Summary of key points of the session
  • Recipes
  • Meal planning how-to: step 1, 2, 3


1-hour workshop, Lunch provided 

This workshop covers how our behavior can affect sleep. Specifically, what activities promote or prevent good sleep. As with the health workshop, this session dedicates a significant amount of time on addressing the questions specific to the audience.

Participants walk away with a folder containing:

  • Summary of key points of the session
  • Pre-sleep instructions: step 1, 2, 3

About Bloom Culture Solutions

Denise Cadet, owner of Bloom Culture Solutions, is a woman of many passions and they all flow from the same underlying desire: the overall wellbeing of the people around her.

As a Registered Nurse, Chef, and Health Coach, Denise knows the value of a healthy body. She also appreciates that while our society idealizes perfect health, our environment does not actually encourage it.

After abruptly discovering that her parents were not as financially secure as she had assumed, Denise redirected her desire for knowledge towards determining how to improve their situation – and hers as well. That journey clarified for her how vital financial health is for the overall wellbeing of a person.

Bloom Culture Solutions’ driving desire is to support employers ensure the overall health of their employees through traditional benefits, health programs, and education.


How can Bloom Culture Solutions improve your company’s overall Corporate Wellness? We support employers with the creation of an encouraging corporate culture that keeps the business blooming!

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